"Change Your Thoughts...and Change Your World"

-- Norman Vincent Peale

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Seek Counselling to Deal With Emotional Stress

If you are reading this then you are taking the first step in wanting to live a purposeful life. It is not unusual for people to be scared about seeking counselling. This can be for lots of reasons. Many people's culture or upbringing tells them that they should be able to handle their problems on their own, or that talking with a counselor is shameful. Some feel that only "crazy" people go for therapy (and don't want that label), or feel that their issues need to be earth-shattering to justify professional help. Others worry that going for counselling will make their problems all the more "real" — they'll be forced to look them in the face, and that can be very frightening. There are also those who fear that trying therapy once means going for the rest of their lives... which it doesn't.

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Therapy is for people that choose to face their fears and difficulties so as to fully understand themselves and learn new ways of coping with life issues. There are many people who seek help for long standing issues or issues which have created a great deal of anguish in their lives. The point is, that the reasons people seek counselling are varied. Maria will provide you and only you, fifty minutes of her time without distractions and interruptions. One of the benefits of counselling with Maria is that you will learn to care for yourself in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Counselling will help you to gain insight into your feelings and behavior and to make the necessary changes to live a purposeful life.

Seeking counselling is a sign of strength and self-respect. Counselling is a wonderful step towards feeling better about yourself and about your life.