How to Rid Yourself of a Narcissist!

I have noticed that more women are presenting in my counselling practice with issues related to their Narcissistic Spouses, Boyfriends, etc., You WILL survive a narcissistic relationship, but you must get out sooner than later. I hope that the following suggestions will be helpful….

#1 Understand It – educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of a narcissistic personality. Remember knowledge is power!

#2 Get it Out – It’s important to talk to someone. A good friend or counsellor.

#3 No Contact – This is the most crucial step…as each time you do have contact, the narcissistic will send you to the looney bin. Having no contact will help you get control of your emotions and decisions.

#4 Be Genuine – It’s helpful to face your anger and fear of the situation. You can’t heal what you can feel.

#5 Be Mindful not Mind Full – We need to awaken the power of our mind. Take control of your life and be YOU.